Group Reformer


ZAR 480

3-session package

 (New Clients)                      

ZAR 990

(1 Month from purchase)

10 Class package                       

ZAR 3950

(3 Months from purchase)

One on One


ZAR 980

3-session package

 (New Clients)                      

ZAR 2250

(1 Month from purchase)

10-session package                       

ZAR 7900

(4 Months from purchase)


Mat pilates using small props such as a pilates band, pilates ring, or toning balls for added challenge. You'll work on all the principles of pilates to achieve the muscle toning, better breathing, improved posture, and ease in your body movements and joints. 
Mats and props are all part of the class so you don't even need to carry your mat. 

Lunchtime Boost

45 minutes of abs, legs and dynamic stability for the most satisfying lunch hour possible.

After the class you can use the changing room for a quick freshening up using one of our divine body mists, and you will still have 10 minutes to have a bite before heading back to work.


Standing Pilates to incorporate and challenge joint  stability and core control in dynamic moves.

Ballet barre is used to support balance and light weights for muscular endurance.

The pace is relatively faster than a Mat class. Expect lots of leg, arm and booty work.


Moms-to-be can safely strengthen their core, spine, and pelvic region as well as improving balance for their constantly changing center of gravity during pregnancy.

Different props are used for a controlled and safe practice.

This class cannot be booked online and you have to contact us first.