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How to recover faster Post- Marathon

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

Let me first say Congratulations! You'd set yourself a huge mission and you completed it. It's now time to take a step back and look after the vehicle that made this possible...your body.

After many months of preps and putting demands on every piece of your body it deserves a proper cool down. As you know what feeds our muscles and soft tissues around them is blood. By carrying oxygen and other nutrients it nourishes and revives every cell. At the same time it is blood again that starts the recovery process after every physical demand and cleans the unwanted elements and toxins from the system. 

Mobility exercises in the following days after a marathon heals the body more effectively.

Rest. Massage. Pilates.

1) Go to bed earlier than usual in the week after Marathon. Take it easy on activities. Don't think you are invincible! 

2) Arrange for an aromatherapy massage with essential oils such as Peppermint oil to encourage the blood flow and muscle relaxation further.

3) Having mobility moves in the following days after a marathon heals the body more effectively and is a perfect bridge between 2 periods of sports activities. Check some pilates moves that I suggest at the end.

4) Avoid extreme static stretches as they only take your body tissues into a defensive mode meaning they end up tighter than before. Be gentle on stretches.

This helps...

Find a pilates studio near you or check our weekly schedules and book 2-3 sessions this week. In the meantime here are a few moves that can help:

  1. Back Breathing: lean against a wall either standing or seated and breath into your back and out of it. Feel it against the wall.

  2. Imprints and Hip Roll: Lie on back, tuck tail under a few times and then start rolling your back off the mat to bridge and roll down again.

  3. Extended hip circles: In all 4, lift one leg back behind the hip and draw circles. do it slowly and 15 times in each direction.

  4. Spine Twist: Sit on the edge of a chair, fold arms on chest, rotate chest to right, centre, and then left.

Remember to respect your body. Take a moment to listen to your breath as a reminder of the precious gift that universe has given you.

Keep smiling :)


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