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Pilates Demystified

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

Hands up if you always thought pilates is a form of yoga. Well, don't worry this is one of the common myths about pilates and here we take a look at a few.

1) Pilates is the same as Yoga

The same way that we don't see a Porsche the same as a Fiat only because both have 4 wheels and drive on roads, we wouldn't think Pilates is the same as Yoga only because they both use a mat and promote breathing. Like our two cars they're both useful but have different goal and different strategy to reach that goal.

Every single move in pilates is designed to activate your inner core system and spinal column. That means you have 1 whole hour of targeted core strengthening exercises which could be seated, lying or standing.

Muscle lengthening in pilates happens during the movements and in the eccentric phase of contraction that's why static stretches are very minimal in a session. Flexibility is also achieved dynamically through mobility and control. It's all about moving the body in a functional way and connecting those moves to breath.

2) Pilates is nothing but lots of Abs crunches

Granted! We do crunches but that's only the warm up. Core muscles are not just abdominals. You have them in your back, hips and sides. In case you haven't heard Pilates sculpts the most beautiful butt and lean, toned legs. Need we say more?

3) Pilates is for women not men

As a pilates instructor I've heard this far too many times - Isn't pilates just for women? Let me answer this with a question - In their fitness and athletic pursuits, do you think MEN can benefit from a strong core; good joint mobility; correct posture; supple spine; and injury-resistant body? - If the answer is yes then:


As a matter of fact men may even need pilates more than women do because they're naturally tighter in their muscles and static stretches alone have proven to be counterproductive. Plus men often only build up their skeletal muscles while their stabilizing muscles get neglected.

I finish by saying that the inventor of this method was a man and he started training men first before being popular with dancers and ballerinas who were primarily females. Pilates is not gender, age, or even physical readiness related because everyone can benefit from this magnificent system.

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